Zen Journey

100 min $165

Inspired by the art & love of travel and the decadence of a stay-cation


Thai Coco Bella Obsession

The coconut lover’s paradise. Touted for it’s numerous healing properties, raw organic coconut oil is gently warmed before drenching the scalp and muscles using Lomi Lomi massage techniques. Extra emoliant coconut butter is applied to the hands and feet using reflexology techniques before hot towels embrace the body, leaving a luminous glow and renewed energy. 

Cali Seven Greens Illuminating Renewal 

Restore vitality to tense muscles with firm and gentle myofascial release massage techniques from head to toe.  The seven greens body masque is generously applied to the entire body, encouraging bright and vibrant skin while the body is gently prepared for a soothing wrap.  A kale and citrus refreshing pumice scrub graces the hands and feet using reflexology techniques.  Awaken to the nourishing embrace of warm damp towels for a balanced and grounded state of mind. 

Morroccan Argan Oil & Rosemary Refresher

Warm and soothing rosemary oil increase circulation and provide an enhanced state of wellbeing while being gently massaged into fatigued muscles.  Black tea leaf & and cardamom pumice scrub exfoliate the feet and before our signature 6 ingredient salve is massaged into reflex points, leaving space for clarity and simplicity.

Positano Espresso Limon Indulgence

Uplifting and encouraging, the aromatic romance of espresso and limon come together to nourish the mind and heart.  Beginning with light Ayurvedic dry brushing following a firm myofascial release massage, delivering the ultimate experience in aromatherapy and tension relief.

Almeria Escape with Olive Oil & Clary Sage

Healthy omega fatty acids found in olive oil revive dry skin while clary sage offers a comforting & sedative embrace. Let nature nurture as broad and gentle massage techniques target sore muscle groups and trigger points.  Relish in a stimulating scalp and face massage before emerging rejuvenated from head to toe.

Tahitian Vanilla Monoi & Sea Salt Retreat

Melt into bliss with luxurious vanilla cream heavily applied to the neck and shoulders.  Fatigued muscle groups are targeted with firm broad pressure across the entire body.  Tahitian monoi oil quenches sun damaged skin while massaged into the hands and decollate area.  Hot towels grace the back and hips, aiding in relaxation. Finish with a sea salt tonique to enhance the skin’s vibrancy & energy.

Tulum Un-Valentine 

A treat for the broken hearted or ferrocisouly independent one in your life.  Begin this treatment with a warm cacao & mimosa champagne oil massage, alleviating pain and tension.  The body is prepared through ancient Ayurvedic dry brushing following the application of an antioxidant rich chocolate truffle body masque before being gently wrapped into a nurturing cocoon.  An invigorating scalp massage and hand & foot treatment are performed.  Emerge enlivened and refreshed.

Playa Santana Mojito Luxe  

Lime, mint, and basil oils refresh the senses while revitalizing energy. Broad Lomi Lomi strokes are performed to the entire body, focusing on areas of tension and tightness.   A citrus sugar scrub revitalizes hands and feet, awakening the senses.  Steamy hot towels invigorate energy, relieving the body and mind of fatigue.

Indonesian Rice Ceremony 

Enliven the face, scalp, neck & shoulders. Ancient rice oil calms the mind while specific pressure points alleive tension and pain. Relish in a pampering scalp massage to rid tension and reduce headaches. Aromatic and therapeutic properties of ginger, jasmine, cinnamon, & ylang yang provide a spiritual retreat.  Add on an exotic oil hair treatment, $25.

Byron Breathe Ritual

Congestion and allergies are alleviated with this beautiful amalgamation of organic oils including lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, thyme, melissa and cardamom formulated to provide respiration clarity enhanced with the aide of steamy hot towels.  Believed to strengthen immunity and provide relief from congestion, detoxifying lymphatic drainage strokes are performed, replenishing and purifying the spirit and airways.

Bocas Hibiscus and Cacao Journey

Dive into zen with sweet hibiscus oil and balmy Caribbean cacao butters applied generously to the entire body and areas that discomfort you the most.  Design this session to cater to your specific needs and take a break from life with techniques from Lomi Lomi and trigger point massage. A warm wrap embraces and relaxes the body while quenching dry skin.   A sweet hibiscus scrub lifts away rough skin from the hands and feet, leaving you refreshed and light hearted.