Massage Standards


60 min $75

90 min $110

120 min $140

Flo Renewal

Melt into a nurtured place of being while gentle and firm styles of massage increase circulation and relieve fatigue & tension. A greater sense of wellbeing and a calm mind are achieved. 

The Bay Revival

Deep breathing techniques, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy make this experience wholesome and restorative. Our muscle aid oils and heat compresses allow for gentle release of tension and pain. 

Aromatherapy Massage

Invite the earth into this healing session. You and your therapist will discuss desired benefits to be achieved before selecting from a collection of extracted oils derived directly from flowers, herbs, plants, and roots, helping you to heal on physical & emotional levels. 

Mellow Mamma

This massage comforts the changing body. Healthy mama, healthy baby. Relieving pressure, stress, and fatigue while increasing circulation. We are trained to use only the safest techniques, gentle organic oils, and proper positioning for the mom to be.   *A consent form will be faxed to your physician before this appointment is scheduled. 

Flo Deep & Firm

Enhance your posture, relieve neck & shoulder tension, and eliminate hip pain with this deep and firm massage. This massage combines neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, and trigger point styles, perfect for the active or tired body.

Warm Southern Bamboo Massage

Solid, smoothed pieces of bamboo and heat packs are warmed to help melt muscle and connective tissue into a flexible and soothed state. Upon request, cold bamboo and cool packs are applied to help alleviate inflammation. Enjoy overall freedom from stiffness and fatigue.

Gua Sha Massage

Inspired by a Chinese medicine technique, a beautiful hand carved jade stone is used to increase circulation and dissipate adhesions - releasing unhealthy elements from areas while stimulating blood flow and healing.

Renewed Wellness Package

This package of four intensive massage treatments initiates a healing journey, lulling the body and mind into a deeper sense of connection to the heart.

After evaluating your posture and concerns, using massage & neuromuscular therapy, we work to improve your posture by warming and lengthening cold, contracted muscular & connective tissues that may be pulling you out of alignment. A daily grounding routine is established, specialized at home self care techniques designed specifically for your body are taught, giving you the tools to bring wellness into your own hands. Primal movement patterns are utilized to help synchronize and bridge the gap between extremity and core function. The application of oils, plants & herbal extracts influenced from the beautiful Lowcountry host additional benefits.

A complimentary daily devotional, a personalized plan to recharge through out the day & evening, take home custom blend of aromatherapy, foam roller, trigger point therapy ball, & reusable jumbo glass water bottle are included. Four 75 plus minute treatments, $380 

Casita Massage

Whether on vacation with family or friends or recovering from a long week of work or travel, select any service to enjoy healing in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Travel fees apply.