Body Rituals


130 minutes $175


Deriving inspiration from our natural Lowcountry setting provides a deeper sense of connection to the land, lulling the body and heart into a more grounded and restored state.  Begin this healing journey with ancient Ayurvedic dry brushing- a technique that increases detoxification by stimulating lymphatic flow and removing dead skin cells while improving circulation to the skin, providing a luminous glow.  A generous amount of organic oils and plant based creams are melted over the skin and artful massage techniques target tired muscles.  Then, like juicing for the skin, a nutrient dense body butter drenches the skin before the entire body is gently cocooned in a warm wrap.  Following, a light leave-in hair masque is massaged into the scalp and hair while calming the over stimulated mind.  The hands and feet are then treated to a reflexology treatment using our signature organic six ingredient whipped salve, restoring energy and vitality.  Emerge from the body wrap embraced with warm steamy towels. 

Choose from one of the following elixir combinations

  • Rosemary Body Oil || Black Tea & Local Honey Body Butter || Pine Sea Salt Hair Masque || Magnolia Hand & Foot Salve
  • Geranium Body Oil || Pluff Mud Body Butter || Hibiscus Calendula Hair Masque || Jasmin Hand & Foot Salve 
  • Saw Palmetto Body Oil || Citrus & Kale Body Butter || Sweet Rose Hair Masque || Wild Yam Hand & Foot Salve 
  • High Cotton Body Oil || Permission & Cantaloupe Body Butter || Muscadine Hair Masque || Strawberry Rhubarb Hand & Foot Salve
  • Rice Body Oil || Tomato & Garlic Body Butter || Sweet Grass Hair Masque || Lowcountry Bamboo Hand & Foot Salve
  • add on lavender cornmeal hand & foot scrub, local coffee hand & foot scrub, or old world salt hand & foot scrub $35